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Rural Housing & Finance


HDFC, India’s Rural Housing Finance process
On the basis of agricultural land owned and the crops cultivated, HDFC’s Rural Housing Finance provides with the Home Loan suited to the needs of rural people. HDFC, India, also offers Home Loans to salaried and self-employed individuals wishing for a space of their own in their home town or village….  Read more

Rural Housing Loan Fund in South Africa

Rural Housing Loan Fund in South Africa
Rural Housing Loan Fund (RHLF) is one of the Human Settlements Development Finance Institutions, which was established by the national government in 1996. Rural Housing Loan Fund (RHLF) is in a process of being consolidated to the National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) as the first step towards establishing the new Human Settlements Development Bank (HSDB). RHLF’s mandate is to facilitate access to incremental housing finance for households in rural areas to improve their housing conditions and living environments in supporting sustainable rural human settlements…  Read more

Housing Micro Finance in Rural Areas of India

Housing Micro Finance in Rural Areas of India
Housing micro-finance is more appropriately useful for financing houses for rural population. Traditional housing finance has not offered products adapted to low-income people, but new providers are developing creative approaches to address the problem. A range of financial institutions are adopting best practices in microfinance especially for housing finance, and are successfully delivering much-needed services to housing customers… Read more

Financing Rural Housing in India

Financing Rural Housing in India
Good rural infrastructure in the areas remains a challenge even after 60 years of independence. Housing, basic amenities of water, sanitation and domestic energy along with village infrastructure such as roads, village water supply, electrification, drainage and livelihood infrastructure etc. are the prominent requirements in this regard. As per estimates worked out in Chapter 3, the housing shortage itself in rural areas is more than 400 lakh, similar shortages in basic amenities and infrastructure have been highlighted in the Census…  Read more


Rural Housing Service in USA
Rural development programme of USDA, Rural Housing Service offers a variety of programs to build or improve housing and essential community facilities in rural areas. It offers loans, grants and loan guarantees for single- and multi-family housing, child care centers, fire and police stations, hospitals, libraries, nursing homes, schools, first responder vehicles and equipment, housing for farm laborers and much more. It also provides technical assistance loans and grants in partnership with non-profit organizations, Indian tribes, state and federal government…  Read more

Rral Housin Development in Pakista

Rural Development with Special Emphasis on Housing in Pakistan
For the last several decades, efforts have been made to provide quality housing to poor households in Pakistan, in accordance with current situation the team at HRC, UMT committed to turn it around. In this journey, given its multi-pronged strategy for the need of quality housing and livelihood for the under-privileged Rural areas (based on the study conduced at 4 villages near Lahore), the current compendium of recommended type designs and technologies have been identified for an initial rural development in Punjab Pakistan. Assigned by Mr. Zaigham Mehmood Rizvi -Chairman Prime Minister Housing Task Force….  Read more

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