11th Annual Affordable Housing Projects

Macusevans is organizing 11th Annual Affordable Housing Projects from 30th March – 2nd April 2020 in Singapore to explore new construction technologies, building techniques and innovative financing mechanisms to bridge the gap of affordable housing development.

The following experts will be sharing and discussing new practical insights include world class organizations and leading experts:

Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Malaysia
Head, Project Implementation Unit – National Affordable Housing Program
Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia
Director – Asia Pacific
Habitat for Humanity International, Philippines
CEO & Co-Founder
Housing Africa Corporation, South Africa
Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence, India
Chairman & CEO
James Law Cybertecture, Hong Kong
Associate Director
Ong & Ong, Singapore
Group President & CEO
Imperial Homes Group, Philippines
Vice President and Director – Strategic Planning & Urban Design
WATG, Singapore
Executive Director, Regulatory Services – Housing & Homelessness
Department of Housing and Public Works, Australia
Managing Director
Shelter Afrique, Kenya
Abu Dhabi Housing Authority


The 11th Annual Affordable Housing Project will feature a highly-structured program based on current trends and market feedback:

  • Urbanism & Inclusive Communities
  • Materials, Technologies & Sustainability
  • Innovative Housing Finance

The event will have two days’ workshop:


Housing 4.0 [Day 3]

This workshop will help you to learn new ways of thinking and working with digital techniques and modern methods of construction. You will also learn how to replace standard mass-produced housing models with mass-customised ones.

Design Thinking Meets Affordable Housing [Day 4]

This workshop puts forth a different approach, which incorporates design thinking into the process that could have a large impact on Affordable Housing sector. Attend this workshop to strengthen your ability to lead and enhance innovation in your organisation.