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The government is concerned that, the housing shortage in the country is very grave, with annual additional requirements hovering around 10-12 million units (as per World Bank’s estimation). This inactivity in housing constructions is resulting in more than 100 upstream and downstream industries lying idle, thus Pakistan’s economy is not getting required impetus. Knowing that, the shortage as stated earlier, would very fast reach around 20 million units, the present government decided to take onto itself to hold the raging bull by its horn, and set the target for itself to see about 50 percent of this shortage, or 5 million houses, are covered on the ground in 5 years’ time. Only an organized setup and an well planned working mechanism can hold on to this “raging bull” by its horn.

Hence, firstly a housing taskforce has been formed under able and experienced leadership and workmanship of world’s renowned housing, affordable housing and slums regeneration expert, and son of the soil, Mr. Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi, with prominent other 21 experts in housing and housing finance sector. (Attached here is the government notification for housing task force). This task force has chapters in all the other provincial capitals, working separately and in unison with the central Task Force housed in Islamabad.

This Housing Task Force (HTF) would pave way for establishment of a full-fledged housing authority by the name and style of Naya Pakistan Housing Authority. This Authority will be an independent, autonomous body, would work through a Director General/Chairman aided by an independent Board of Directors, under the direct blessings of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan, so that the housing issues in the country can be addressed as speedily as possible. The ground work and legal work for the formation of the Authority is presently in process, which would come to existence through an Act of Parliament.

Until such Act is passed, the Housing Task Force would be guided by a guideline formed for this purpose, and the Terms of References of the Task Force, which are available at this link.

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