Forex Trading in Pakistan and Earn Money

Forex trading

Forex Training in Pakistan: Get Started

Forex trading is allowed in Pakistan with almost no restrictions. However, it is illegal to sell or buy cryptocurrencies. In addition, many local brokers are not registered with the SECP despite national regulations by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. These regulations were intended to reduce fraud and money laundering.

It is highly recommended to open an account with a forex broker located outside of Pakistan. Although it is legal for international brokers, not all brokers choose to open accounts for Pakistani traders. This is the process of opening an account with an international forex brokerage.

It would help if you had a reliable internet connection. You will need a reliable and consistent internet connection to trade forex. Therefore, before you can continue, ensure that your internet connection is reliable and consistent.

Select a broker. Forex traders in Pakistan prefer to open accounts with international brokers because they are more regulated than those in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Choose a broker and then apply.

Choose a platform. Although your broker may offer its platform for trading, you may also wish to use MetaTrader 4 or 5 as a comprehensive platform.

Fund your account. Fund your account after you have opened your trading account. Once your broker has approved your personal information, Many international brokers permit Pakistani traders to fund their accounts by linking a bank account to convert rupees into USD, GBP, or another liquid currency.

Trade your first currency. After your account is funded, you are eligible to make your first currency trading.

Forex Trading Strategies for Pakistan

Most Pakistani traders prefer trades on the Asian session. Most activity occurs on the Tokyo forex exchange. To limit liquidity issues, you should start forex trading by trading major currency pairs like the USD/EUR and USD/JPY. You can deposit USD with a bank transfer to most international brokers that offer accounts to Pakistani traders.

These are some technical indicators that you may want to use in trading. Of course, these indicators won’t be foolproof, but they will give you an idea of where to start developing your technical trading strategy.

Momentum Indicators


A momentum indicator, a technical indicator that measures an abrupt change in price movement, is called a technical indicator. Reversals of past trends can indicate that momentum is shifting in a currency’s direction, which could signal that it’s time to buy or sell. Because these indicators are lagging behind trends, many traders use momentum indicators to exchange currencies. This means that you will enter later, but you are less likely to misunderstand the signal.

Candlesticks with Reversal

Reversal candles signify that a trend may be changing and that the currency’s current pattern will change. Both bullish and bearish reversal candlesticks can be used to indicate that a currency is not going to fall or rise in value. Because they are more volatile than momentum indicators, short-term traders and scalpers tend to rely on reversal candlesticks rather than momentum indicators.

Forex Trading Example in Pakistan

Let’s look at an example to show you how money can be made trading forex in Pakistan as a Pakistani trader.

When trading forex, most traders in Pakistan convert their native rupees into a more liquid currency such as the USD or EUR. Assume that you think the EUR will rise in value relative to the USD. Your account is funded with 200,000 rupees. Then, you convert the entire amount to USD. You will have USD 1,250 after the transaction is completed.

Your broker will offer you 10:1 leverage for trading USD. This means you can trade with $12,500 power. Current USD to EUR conversion rates range from 1 USD to 1.12 EUR. So to convert your whole lot to EUR, and you will have approximately 11,160 EUR.

The EUR’s value will soon rise in comparison to the USD. You decide to sell when 1 USD equals 1.20 EUR. Your entire EUR amount is converted back into USD. You are left with $13,392. You’ll make a profit of $892 after you repay the amount you borrowed on margin.

Forex Trading in Pakistan: Making Money

Pakistani traders can open accounts with any broker, domestic or international. There are no legal restrictions. Likewise, international currency trades are not subject to any restrictions. Although the Pakistani rupee does not qualify as a reserve currency, nor is it suitable for regular or regular trading, many international brokers allow Pakistani traders access to their accounts with USD. For native rupee holders, this can open up a wider range of trading opportunities.

Although the Pakistani forex market has been largely unregulated, there are some rules that you will need to follow to document your profits. First, you must keep track of your total profits. If you are a Pakistani taxpayer, you can only open an account international. According to the Federal Bureau of Revenue’s rules, tax filers could be subject to 15% tax on forex profits. Make sure that you have enough money aside to pay taxes. You may be eligible to open an account with a domestic brokerage if you aren’t a tax filer, but you will still be subject to the standard capital gains tax rates.

Best Forex Brokers Online in Pakistan

Although the Pakistani forex market is expanding, many brokers continue to operate without supervision from the SECP. Therefore, we recommend that you open an account with an international broker located in a country with stricter conduct and fee control.

Below are some of our top picks for accounts that Pakistani traders can use.

1: AvaTrade




Terminology of Forex

It can help to be familiar with the most commonly used terms in forex trading before you start trading. These are terms that you will hear over and over while trading forex.

Pip: A pip refers to the smallest unit of currency. It is usually calculated at the fourth percentage point. In the context of USD, $0.0001 represents one pip.

Lot size: The total amount of currency units you trade is your lot size. If you order 1,000 Pakistani rupees to be sold, your lot size would be 1,000. Regular traders consider 100,000 units of any currency to constitute a standard lot.

Order: A specific set of instructions is an order. It tells your broker the currency you want to buy or sell, as well as the price at which you would like your transaction to be completed. You can use multiple order types to minimize loss and maximize profits.

Call: Your lender may place a margin call if your equity falls below a specific percentage using leverage. To maintain your position, you will need to deposit additional money into your account. However, margin can quickly wipe out your profits, so be cautious.

Forex trading in Pakistan

The forex market offers rare opportunities for Pakistani traders, with an almost always open market and trillions of dollars changing in and out of it every day. If you’re not careful, trading currencies can make it even more difficult to lose money. Before you open an account, make sure to investigate every broker and be aware of any leverage that you may use.

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