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Free Chegg answers are revolutionizing the digital education sector. Chegg is considered to be the best online studying platform. It caters to the academic needs of almost three million students and keeps expanding with time. The information we provide will significantly help you with techniques and tricks to extract free answers on Chegg.com.

If you are given an assignment, and you cannot sort out answers, then Chegg is just the right platform. The only issue is that sometimes Chegg may charge a few dollars for its premium services. This is the reason that we are offering free Chegg answers for free.

Chegg offer several kinds of books to students. There are many ways to get Chegg answers for free. Students use Chegg for a short time purpose to get the desired answers. From Chemistry to Maths to any other subject, all answers could easily be obtained using Chegg.

Many websites offer free answers online, but the quality of Chegg is superior to other platforms. Education and studying have beyond classrooms, and learning is not stuck to a specific area but moved to online platforms.

What is Chegg?

Launched in 2005, Chegg Inc. is a $12 billion company that offers services in the academic field to millions of students worldwide. Based in Santa Clara, it is an American academic tech Company. The company provides online and physical books to students.

It stepped in trading openly on the New York Stock Exchange in 2013. You could go through almost 25 million academic solutions and correct answers. You can also subscribe to enjoy premium services and get 24/7 access to step-by-step textbooks.

Chegg can answer any of your questions remotely with the help of tutors working off-site. The platform assists students with their assignments beyond physical boundaries. The assistance includes free Chegg answers; some are offered with subscriptions and other resources.

The Chegg is governed by a galaxy of Professionals, including:

  • Dan Rosenweig, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrew Brown, Chief Financial Officer
  • Esther Lem, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Heather Lem, Chief Communications Officer
  • Nathan Schultz, President, Learning Services
  • Debra Thompson, Chief People Officer
  • Woodie Dixon, Jr. General Counsel
  • John Filmore, President Skills
  • Lauren Glotzer, Chief Strategy Officer

Chegg Offer several services & Products:

  • Coupons
  • Flashcards
  • Study help
  • E-textbooks
  • Sell Textbooks
  • Solution Manual
  • Rental Textbooks
  • Digital access codes
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mathematics Solver
  • Second-hand textbooks
  • Cheap school & college textbooks

Chegg Network is also diverse, including:

  • Easybib
  • Thinkful
  • Internships.com

How does Chegg Help Students?

Chegg offers an endless range of digital book rentals, homework help, remote tutoring, scholarships, and internships. The platform specializes in providing all kinds of academic facilities to high school and college students. One thing is to be kept in mind that good things are not easy to acquire, so Chegg is not entirely free. For high-end services, you will have to buy subscriptions plans.

We will tell you how to check Chegg answers free of cost without the need for a Chegg account. You can get to know about the benefits of Chegg freely by reading this blog carefully. Every day new students log in the Chegg and will benefit from Chegg. Students want to avail Chegg membership more than ever due to its easy and effective educational facilities.

Chegg was founded in 2005 by Lowa State University Phumbhra and Osman Rashid students. The aim was to establish an affordable textbook rental organization for students of the college. Chegg, later in 2012, launched an e-reader to develop better access for students to read, highlight, search, and navigate digital textbooks anytime and from anywhere.

Chegg announced to offer 15 million shares of stock at $12.50/share on the New York Stock Exchange in 2013. After a year, Chegg launched Chegg Study for offering different learning resources to assist students with their School homework.

It offered over thirty-seven million Questions & Answers with step-by-step solutions, walkthrough videos, and practice sets at the beginning. Chegg also finalized to offer internships from 2015 to jumpstart their careers initially.

Later in 2016, Chegg started a service that offers students writing. These services improved students’ writing skills such as comprehension, writing, correction in plagiarism, auto-citation, and skilled 24/7 assistance.

In 2018 the Chegg publicly released its “State of the Student” report while starting research annually to present the needs of students in a better manner. Chegg started to pay off the loans of students in 2019 taken earlier by their employees.

Chegg Invests in Student Learning:

Chegg has obtained “Thinkful” to assist the students with high-demand technology skills. These skills are taught on-demand to get them ready for practical life. The main goal of Chegg is to help students ace their school or college studies while learning skills that would prove to be helpful in their careers.

Chegg has invested heavily in making the academic life of students easy yet effective. It has devoted its resources to helping students learn skills and accomplish education targets. Chegg provides an environment that is highly productive and suitable for the students. The consistency of Chegg is unprecedented and keeps expanding.

Chegg has vowed to invest in people by offering them an approachable education platform. Investing in education is perhaps the best investment for any nation of the 21st century. Chegg has always focused on accessibility and affordability for students while making policies accordingly. The company is committed to back students from learning to earning. Chegg.org is all about dedication and devotion to the modern issues faced by students.

What are the Distinct Characteristics of Chegg?

Chegg.com is the modern education solution for modern academic problems, including:

90% Savings on Chegg Textbook Rentals:

After pandemic restrictions are over and academic life is getting back on track, rental books are now back in-demand. Students can save a lot upon these rental textbooks and carry on with their academic sessions. The rental textbooks are cheap and affordable for students with even weal financial backgrounds. Students can avail of the Chegg study subscription that starts from only $14.

Second-hand Textbooks, Rental Textbooks, & E-Textbooks:

Chegg.com has an endless option set for the students to acquire books. The students can acquire E-textbooks, textbook rental, and used textbooks. The company also sells brand new textbooks and possesses a vast galaxy of used books available at affordable costs in good condition. If any student needs a book for a short term, the company also provides books for rent.

What is the Reason that Students Choose Chegg?

Many textbooks rentals are offered on a 4-week free trial basis. The range of millions of homework solutions makes it a favourite platform for students to choose and get benefits. Loyal and long-term students will be greeted with free books gifts from Chegg with discount coupons.

What is the duration of Textbook Rental from Chegg?

The textbook rentals are available for the time period of the whole semester and quarter. If any student needs the book beyond the rental time period, he must contact Chegg before the deadline to extend the final timeline for resubmitting the textbook.

This extension of the period will be free of cost from Chegg. The company also gives an edge to the students by giving them a 21-day refund guarantee for free of cost returns in the period of three weeks of ordering.

Should Student Rent or Buy Textbooks from Chegg?

There are several kinds of edges that Chegg provides to students. The books are affordable, easy to keep and have an extended deadline to return with extensions available on demand. Chegg also provides an online access code if students again need a textbook in the future.

Where Does Chegg Invest?

Chegg Invests in several kinds of scholarships for the sake of students. It assists first-generation students of the college by providing scholarships. This program is developed to support students with vulnerable financial backgrounds and achieve their goals.

EDU Non-Profits:

The Chegg determines non-profits supporting students while elevating communities. Investing in educations develops generations.


Chegg partners with top non-profit organizations to publish research about the issues faced by the students.

Food Insecurity:

No student should face the depreciation of eating and studying. The student must be well-rested and well-fed to focus on his studies. That is why Chegg collaborates with several non-profit organizations to address food insecurity in colleges throughout the country.

What are Free Chegg Answers?

The free Chegg answers are the answers that could be availed in different methods. Students could get free Chegg answers from the website. The answers to these questions are easily understandable from the platform of Chegg.

How to Get Free Chegg Answers?

There are many ways to get free Chegg answers. There are many advantages of free Chegg answers as well. Finding free Chegg answers takes much effort to find on the internet. There are several benefits, including:

Chegg Answers Assists in the Completion of Homework:

Free Chegg answers will significantly help you carry out your educational responsibilities and duties. Many answers are offered on countless tasks and subjects. Students can take several answers from Chegg.

The students can also get help from 24/7 online tutors. Any top-class or the most complex questions are comprehensively answered. Several packages for tutors are offered on Chegg at different prices.

The Chegg answers answer any kind of questions by the students. Chegg answers also solve all kinds of questions posed in colleges or schools. Students can quickly solve their assignments. The Chegg answers also include video lessons that are also helpful in offering students suitable material in no time.

Video lessons are also exciting and provide direct answers without wasting time or delays. Some students may find written material/answers boring and not keep their interest. Whereas the videos are and live lessons retain the interest of the students while making the learning process highly productive.

Chegg is a platform that works exceptionally well in an efficient manner. Quick response is made possible for the students on Chegg to complete their duties and tasks on due time.

Follow these steps to get free Chegg answers:

There are several ways to get free Chegg answers as follows:

  1. Chegg Free Trial Accounts
  2. Free Chegg Discord Servers
  3. Free Chegg Answer Reddit Server
  4. Chegg Answers from Chegg Alternatives

How to Open Free Chegg Answers Trial Account?

Chegg offers a four-week free trial Chegg account to students. You can easily acquire free Chegg answers through the free trial account. The trial account helps you decide to acquire paid subscription or not.

The students can get as many advantages as possible during the trial account period. For further benefits, you will have to obtain a paid subscription. Chegg free account is highly productive for new users. You can get direct answers to your questions or get directed to a tutor for the best solutions. In a trial account, you cannot acquire free books; instead, you pay the amount to rent or buy the book.

Four week trial of the Chegg Study has several benefits, such as you can avail 30 min of tutor sessions free of cost, seven-day access to the Chegg textbook database, access to 2.5 million solutions to any school or college problem regarding any subject. These are offered in step-wise instructions to make it a comprehensive learning experience with Chegg.

Following are the step-by-step guidance to Open Free Chegg Trial Account:

  • Open Chegg.com and tap the Study area/section

    How to Open Free Chegg Answers Trial Account?

  • Now tap on “Try Chegg Study”

How to Open Free Chegg Answers Trial Account?

  • Now create your Chegg account by mentioning an E-mail address and a specific Password

How to Open Free Chegg Answers Trial Account?

  • Then, you will have to choose “Chegg Study Pack or Chegg Study.” By selecting any of the Check packages, you will have to provide your credit or debit card details. But, your card will not be charged. Once registration is done, then you can enjoy your free Chegg account. These free accounts can also be shared, but it is not recommended.

    How to Open Free Chegg Answers Trial Account?

What happens after Chegg Free Trial is Over?

Once the Chegg Free Trial is over, you will have to end the subscription manually, or your debit card will be charged. It is recommended that you deactivate the subscription manually.

You may follow these steps to get a free Chegg Trial:

  • Log in to your account
  • Tap profile and settings
  • Click membership plan and check out for subscription option
  • Cancel the subscription

    Two packages are offered; one is Chegg Study and Chegg Study plan. Both the plans offer different options.

How much do Chegg study plans cost?

There are several kinds of Chegg study plans available on different price costs such as:

  1. Chegg Tutors are available at $30 to $96
  2. Chegg Study is offered at $14.95 per month
  3. Chegg Writing is offered at $09.95 per month
  4. Chegg Study Pack is offered at $19.95 per month
  5. Chegg Math Solver is offered at $09.95 per month

How Long is the Chegg Study Free Trial?

Chegg Study free trials are around 4 weeks with a coupon. Following are the things that are offered in the plans:

  • You can post the new relevant question
  • Question & Answer access
  • Solutions of Textbook

    By opting for Chegg Study Pack, you will avail:

  • Flashcards
  • Writing Tools
  • Detailed Videos
  • Thorough Practice
  • Mathematics Solver

Free Chegg Discord Servers:

Free Chegg solutions are also provided through Discord servers. Many students cannot avail of the services of Chegg, and in this scenario, several Discord servers help students to get online help for academic questions.

Free Chegg Discord Servers

Chegg Discord Bot servers are quite helpful to complete your school or college homework. There are some paid Reddit servers and some free servers. The paid ones include:

  • Coursehero Doc Gen
  • Numerade
  • Study.com
  • Bartleby
  • Quizlet

Other Chegg Discord servers that also include free servers:

  • Trabko Bot
  • AlphbeinMain
  • Skye Destruction
  • Duckie Club Free
  • Homework Server
  • Homework Clutch

    Free Chegg Discord Servers

Free Chegg Answer Reddit Server:

Reddit also offers free Chegg answers. There are different servers on Reddit that provide platforms for obtaining answers.

Free Chegg Answer Reddit Server

Many Chegg Discord links are also available on Reddit for the students to avail the free Chegg solutions.

Free Chegg Answer Reddit Server

Unblur Chegg Answers:

There are several ways to unblur Chegg answers. Both Android and iPhone users can use this method through mobiles. These ways will enable you to see the blurred answers on Chegg. Free trial is also considered a useful method to know Free Chegg answers. Some students also prefer Quora and Geekymr to get free Chegg solutions. Observe the following steps to unblur the texts on Chegg:

How to Unblur answers on Chegg for iPhone Users?

Following are the steps to be observed:

  1. Go to the setting of your iPhone
  2. Go to the bottom and refresh options
  3. Now disable the low battery option
  4. Now download Chegg Mod App
Finally, you can utilize the app to unblur free Chegg texts

How to unblur answers on Chegg for Android Users?

Following are the steps to be observed:

  • Turn off “save battery” mode
  • You also need to enable the installation of unknown apps
  • Now open the browser and download “Chegg Mod APk
  • After completion of the installation now you can unblur the Chegg answers

Best Chegg Alternatives:

You can also surf some other websites listed below to help you get answers for free. You can search for your queries on these sites, and you will get help quickly without paying any amount. Several best Chegg alternatives include:

Quiz Plus:

Around 10 million users from all around the world are acing their exams using Quiz Plus. Quiz has developed mechanisms to assist the users or students with several educational materials and help in understanding complex concepts. Keeping in view its compatibility, flexibility, and affordability makes it the choice of the students as an alternative to the Chegg.

Best Chegg Alternatives

The help offered by Quizplus is full of options based on the requirement of users. Subscribing to Quizplus is possible in several ways. After signing up on the platform, you are provided with almost 30 topics.

Best Chegg Alternatives

Quizplus also allows its users to upload any relevant content they deem necessary to assist other users. This facility is known as the upload-material feature. The affiliation Program is also a facility assisting the users in cash payments.

How Quiz Plus Works:

Quiz Plus works in three simple steps as follows:

  • Explore the topics, questions, and quizzes
  • Then you will have to subscribe and unlock the ocean of knowledge
  • Now study and ace your papers

Package Plans:

Three kinds of package plans are offered as follows:

  • Monthly: $15
  • Quarterly: $11
  • Yearly: $7.5


Slader is best known for homework and answering questions. It is one of the favourite free answer platforms by the students. All you have to do is get to its website and type your question in the search bar. The detailed answer will be presented to you in milliseconds by clicking search.


Any kind of questions that are presented in schools or colleges or other questions generated by yourself is answered at Slader. You will be provided with the most relevant answers that would be easily understandable.


Studylib is another well-reputed homework completion and student assistance platform. The users can learn a lot from Studylib and ace their exams at the same time. The procedure is as simple as you could think of by pasting your question in the search bar, and you will have the answer in no time.


The platform is designed specifically to make it more user-friendly. The website offers convenience and assistance.


As usual, the simplest way to find anything online is through Google. All you have to do is write your question in the search bar and click Enter, and you will be provided with an endless number of relevant results. You can choose the best answer free of cost from any searched result. Free Chegg answers on Google could be obtained with a little research.



Coursehero is considered to be the favourite alternative for Chegg. You could easily obtain free answers to your academic questions. Like Chegg, it also offers textbooks and other study material to the students.


Online tutor assistance is also available on the platform. The Coursehero possess a large database through which it assists the students with their questions. It provides services including:

  • Textbooks
  • Day or night homework help
  • Relevant study material

Observe the following steps to get help from CourseHero:

  • Open the website
  • Insert your question and press enter
  • You will have an instant reply to your question


You can also get free academic answers from Bookfinder. It is also considered to be the best answering website for students. It is an easily accessible website that answers all kinds of questions the students pose.


Users have availed satisfactory services from Bookfinder. It also offers textbooks to students to complete their short term and long term assignments with perfection. Providing books is the specialty of Bookfinder.

You need to follow these steps to get help from Bookfinder:

  • Write book title or name of the author
  • Insert other secondary details
  • In the end, click search


Skooli is another Chegg alternative offering digital tutoring services to the students to accomplish their tasks. Students have been obtaining comprehensive help from Skooli to complete their short term and long term school or college assignments. Skooli guarantees better grades to all grades of students. It also provides affordable yet highly qualified online tutors.


All you have to do is:

  • Open website
  • Enter the question in the “search bar”
  • And click “Get help now” for instant answers


Creativesavants is one of the best assignment solver platforms for students. No matter what kind of school or college is task is assigned, it can solve any complex task. It provides several kinds of services, including:

  • Thesis Writing Services
  • Business Writing Services
  • Assignment Writing Services
  • Copywriting Writing Services
  • Website Content Writing Services


Creativesavants is a one-stop solution for all of your academic solutions. It provides solutions to your educational problems with complete satisfaction. Creativesavants is one of the best content writing firms to accomplish your tasks. All you have to do to hire their services are:

  • Request a quote
  • Directly contact
  • Go through their FAQs


Youracademicwriter could prove to be the best platform for fulfilling your academic needs. Students also consider it as the most appropriate Chegg alternative. You will find the ideal paper writer on this platform.

The salient features of Youracademicwriter include:

  • 0% plagiarism
  • Countless revisions
  • Meets the deadlines
  • Private & confidential
  • Digital tracking of order
  • 24/7 customer support

Youracademicwriter offers several services, including:

  • Thesis help
  • Essay assistance
  • Term paper assistance
  • Proofreading & editing
  • Research paper assistance
  • Non-academic writing help


To avail of their services, all you have to do is consider the following steps:

  • Mention the deadline that you want your work to be delivered
  • Choose what do you want, such as an e-book, thesis, and research paper.
  • Your academic levels, such as high school or college
  • Select pages and words
  • At last, just click order


Paperhelp is an all-in-one academic solution developed specifically for students. The users can easily order what kind of assignment they want to be solved. Different prices are set for different kinds of tasks. This website is one of the highest-rated Chegg alternatives.


To place the order, you will have to consider following these steps:

  • Choose what do you want, whether academic writing or proofreading
  • Then choose your academic levels such as school, college, university, or PhD
  • On the next level, choose the type of task
  • At next and last steps, choose quantity and the deadline upon which you want your work to be delivered

You can place and also track your orders.


Quizlet is one of the best and comprehensive platforms for problem solvers. Students find it quite helpful as a Chegg alternative for completing homework and academic assignments. The Quizlet proudly states that their success is 90% that means these many students get higher grades in exams after consulting Quizlet. It also offers free textbooks, expert solutions and flashcards.


To avail of the services of Quizlet, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the website and home page
  • Click on the tab “Get Started” placed at the right bottom of the home page
  • You will be directed to another page


  • Now state your information and sign up for hiring their unlimited services


Answer.Com is a study platform that is undoubtedly one of the best Chegg alternatives. It offers free, adequate study services but also premium paid services. The answers are relevant and to the point. It is a perfect study aid platform.

Answer.Com The premium paid services are affordable with the lowest possible prices. Answer.com also offers a free trial for the convenience of students. All you have to do is observe the following questions:

  • Open the home page and write your question in the search bar and click Enter


  • Now you will be taken to another page with the highlighted answer to your question


It is that simple, with comprehensive answers to your questions.


Tutor.com is the best Chegg alternative offering premium study services. The platform provides textbooks, online tutors and other study materials. Tutors are highly qualified with years of experience. You will find the best tutors here, offering academic solutions comprehensively. You can also become a tutor offering your educational services.


School Solver:

School solver is the online tutoring website for helping students complete their tasks on the given deadline. It is a kind of master place for students to hire homework help regarding tough questions. Highly qualified tutors with years of experience have been providing their services since 2014.

School Solver

All you have to do is open the website, write your questions in the search bar and press Enter. It is becoming a favourite platform for the students because some consider Chegg costly and provide free Chegg solutions.


Last but not least, one of the best Chegg alternatives is the Studydaddy preferred by the students. You don’t have to avail of monthly subscriptions and pay per question. The Studydaddy offers answers in around 40 subjects, and its rates are highly affordable than other platforms.


All you have to do is follow these steps and get the desired answer at low rates:

  • Open the home page of the website


  • Post you question
  • Choose the tutor and get the appropriate answer
  • You may also ask for revisions from the tutors

Students love Studydaddy due to its features, including:

  • 24/7 homework assistance
  • Communication with the tutors
  • Answers are satisfactory, and get quality helps


FAQs About Free Chegg Answers:

Following are the frequently asked questions about getting free Chegg answers:

1. What is Chegg?

Ans. Launched in 2005, Chegg Inc. is a $12 billion company that offers services in the academic field to millions of students worldwide. Based in Santa Clara, it is an American academic tech. Company. The company provides online and physical books to students.

2. What are Free Chegg Answers?

Ans. The free Chegg answers are the answers that could be availed in different methods. Students could get free Chegg answers. These answers to the questions presented by the schools and colleges and other textbook questions.

3. How Correct are Chegg Free Solutions?

Ans. Students are satisfied with the answers provided by Chegg. Some might differ, but most of the time, Chegg answers are accurate.

4. Is Chegg cheating?

Ans. Yes, there is a perception, but it is debatable. The Chegg was specifically developed to help students. Using Chegg answers directly into the exams could be considered cheating, but for understanding purposes, Chegg is not cheating.

5. Is Chegg asnwers effective?

Ans. Yes, Chegg provide solutions that are accurate and effective. These answers help a lot for the students to complete their complex assignments on the given deadline. It is also an effective academic platform, as online tutors are also available.

6. How to Unblur Chegg answers?

Ans. There are several ways to unblur Chegg answers, such as adopting a free trial account or installing several kinds of blogs to reveal Chegg answers.

7. Is Chegg free trial effective?

Ans. Yes, the Chegg free trial is quite effective till its expiry of 1 month. For the period of 1 month, you will get the answers with accurate results.


Free Chegg answers are helpful for the students to solve and understand complex academic concepts while solving assignments. Chegg paid services are additionally effective. Its paid services are affordable, but some students might find it costly, which is why these students go Chegg alternatives.

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