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Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Company (KWSB) is one of Karachi city’s most prominent and leading wastewater utility. Water is being provided to Karachi from a notably remote positioned water supply via a bulk conveyance system comprising a complicated network of canals, conduits, siphons, multi-level pumping, and filtration.

How to Check KWSB Online Duplicate Bill

KWSB is providing you with an online facility to check your bill because if under any circumstances you will be unable to pay your bill timely, it will cost you some extra fines and penalties.

Suppose you have lost or misplaced your bill or have not received it yet, then you need to worry about it. This blog will help you check your bill online and how you can still obtain your KWSB duplicate bill.

Following is the procedure you need to follow to check your KWSB duplicate bill online:

How to Get KWSB Customer Number:

The customer number is needed if you want to check your online bill. You do not need to worry. By following these below-mentioned simple steps, within a few minutes, you will get your KWSB customer number.

  • The KWSB customer number is the number assigned to each customer during the installation of a gas connection.
  • Below is the image of the bill shown and highlighted the customer number.
  • Just take out any of your sui gas bills, check out the customer number, and then follow the further procedure which has been explained.

    How to Check KWSB Online Duplicate Bill

Steps to Check KWSB Online Bill 2021:

  • Once you get your customer number, go to the KWSB official website
  • By clicking on this link, you will be directed to the customer portal
  • Click on e-service and then on online duplicate bill

    Steps to Check KWSB Online Bill 2021

  • Without space, enter a 10-digit customer number
  • If you have received the bill, click the view button
  • Your bill will be on your screen
  • Now you can download the bill and can take a print

    Steps to Check KWSB Online Bill 2021

KWSB Helpline:

If you have not received your bill, do not worry about that. Contact on KWSB through the following different methods:

  • This is the KWSB helpline number (99230317). Provide the information the representative asked you to provide, and then your bill will be there.
  • Enter your problem on this email address (info@kwsb.gos.pk) with your customer ID. Your bill will be sent to the same mail. Download it and take a print of it.
  • You can also visit their office. Head Office Behind civic center old KBCA building, Gulshan Iqbal
  • You can also use an online KWSB bill calculator for the rough estimation of your bill payment


The actual method of checking duplicate bills of KWSB has been explained, which will help you reach your goal. Get an online duplicate bill of KWSB 2021 and save yourself from misplacing and all the troubles. For further details, visit NPHP.

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