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The government has introduced a specific system for vehicle registration and verification. Every province has its proper registration system. The Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS) will have the records of all the vehicles. You can easily do online vehicle registration and verification through MTMIS Sindh.


Benefits of Online Vehicle Registration and Verification through MTMIS Sindh:

The MTMIS Sindh is very helpful for avoiding any legal issues. Many people face issues while registering vehicles. The main issue that may come into the way is that people can fall into a scam. You can verify both cars and your bikes through this system.

How to use MTMIS Sindh Online Vehicle Verification?

The MTMIS Sindh verification system is very simple and easy. The only thing is to open the website and fill up the required details. Following are the things that you need:

  • Year of Make
  • Vehicles’ Price
  • Engine Number
  • Color of Vehicle
  • Name of the Owner
  • Registration Number
  • Recent Taxes paid or Taxes Due


MTMIS is the most perfect and useful system that has helped many people in the online verification of vehicles. The best part is that MTMIS Sindh is liked a lot by the public and it has received great received good reviews.

Below is the complete guide:

First click here, you will be directed to the main webpage. There will be an option of 4 wheelers and two-wheelers; you have to select the one. Then you have to enter the registration number. After that, verify through Captcha. Then search, you will get the details.

Importance of Checking the Registration Detail:

Whenever a person sells a vehicle, it is important to transfer the ownership to the new owner of the vehicle. But many people skip this part. As a result, the authentication of the vehicle becomes hard.

The Sindh Government has made strict rules, and Excise & Taxation Department is making sure that every vehicle is in its current owners’ name. Soon, Biometric Verification and Transfer Process will also be introduced by Sindh Government and NADRA.

Documents Required for Verifying the Ownership:

Below is the list that is required for verification of Vehicle Ownership in Sindh:

  • Vehicle Registration Book
  • License Plate Number
  • Original Sale Invoice
  • Original Return File
  • Token Tax Record
  • Delivery Letter
  • Sale Receipt


The best way to verify any vehicle in Sindh is through online vehicle registration and verification through MTMIS Sindh. You can easily get the details of your vehicle and the vehicle you want to buy. Similarly, if you live in Punjab, then go for MTMIS Punjab Online Vehicle Registration Verification System.

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