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Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is an identity card given to every individual of Pakistan. Each citizen has his own 13-digit CNIC approved by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). There are several methods for checking CNIC Biodata.

Methods for Checking CNIC

Background of CNIC by NADRA:

Every citizen of Pakistan, when reaches the age of 18 must apply for CNIC. NADRA saves all the records of the Pakistani citizens in the proper database. These chipped cards have decreased the security problems in Pakistan.

Before the advancement in NADRA relevant to IT, a specific National Identity Card (NIC) was issued to every citizen whose age was over 18 years. But, now it is necessary that everyone have a chipped CNIC now. If you have a CNIC card, you can verify it using your mobile.

Background of CNIC by NADRA

The reason behind the chipped CNIC was that there were a lot of terrorists who had fake ID cards in Pakistan. Due to increased terrorist activities, it was made sure that every citizen of Pakistan has a chipped and verified CNIC.

Moreover, in the previous government, Mr. Chaudhry Nisar, who was the interior Minister held special training seminars for the NADRA staff on the National Emergency Plan. The training was given on Re-Verification of the NADRA database hosted by the Operation Division. In addition, there are several methods for checking CNIC.

What are the Methods for Checking CNIC Issued by NADRA?

NADRA has not only computerized its systems, but it has also made sure to provide the easiest methods for checking CNIC issues.

If you want to know the methods for checking CNIC, then follow the steps under:

1. By Sending SMS to 7000:

The first method to check the details of the CNIC is sending an SMS to NADRA. Below are the simple steps that you can follow:

  1. First, open the Text Box of the messaging app
  2. Then enter your CNIC number
  3. Send it to 7000

Methods for Checking CNIC Issued by NADRA

You will get a reply where all details relevant to CNIC will be entered

Note: NADRA will deduct Rs. 10/- from the SIM, you are checking the details

2. Sending an SMS to 8300:

If you are facing issues with the first method. Then here is the second method for you that you can follow:

Below are the steps to verify the CNIC of NADRA through SMS:

  1. Open the text message box in messaging app
  2. Then enter CNIC
  3. After that send to 8300

Methods for Checking CNIC Issued by NADRA

  1. You will get a reply through which you will get your details and also the location

3. By Sending an SMS to 667:

You can also check the details by another method; it is also simple and easy.

Below are the steps you must follow for checking the CNIC details:

  1. Enter the messaging app
  2. Then send the message to 667
  3. You will get a reply from NADRA

    Note: You can send an empty SMS to 667, but make sure that SIM is registered at your CNIC number. Otherwise, you will get the details of the person on whom the SIM is registered

4. Verifying the CNIC and Number Details by SIM:

You can check the details of NADRA by following the specific methods for checking CNIC provided by each SIM service. Each SIM service uses a specific method.

Below are the methods for checking SIM details and CNIC numbers:

Verification of CNIC through Ufone:

You can easily check the details of CNIC and the SIM number by the provided method of Ufone. Below are the steps to follow for checking the details of CNIC by NADRA through Ufone:

  1. You will have to dial a USSD code from Ufone SIM
  2. Dial *336#
  3. Type 1 after that
  4. You will get details of CNIC and SIM number

Verifying CNIC Details through Telenor:

Verification of CNIC and SIM is easy if you have Telenor SIM. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Text box
  2. Send a black SMS to 7751
  3. You will get the reply of details of CNIC number and mobile number

Verifying the Details of CNIC through Zong:

Zong also provides an easy and simple method for verifying SIM details and CNIC. Following steps are must to following:

  1. You will have to send a text to 7911
  2. Type “V
  3. You will get the details

Verification Methods for Checking CNIC details through Jazz:

Jazz provides the easy steps that you must follow for checking the details of CNIC. You must follow the steps below:

  1. Type CNIC in the text box
  2. Then send to 6001
  3. You will get details about the SIM numbers soon in a reply

    Note: Verification through SIM will deduct your balance too

Methods of Checking CNIC Details Online:

NADRA is also offering services to the users for to check verification status and also, there are several documents that you can verify through NADRA’s official site. Below are the documents about which you can verify:

  • CNIC
  • Pakistan origin card
  • Registration certificate of Child
  • Certificate of Family registration

There is a simple way to check the details of Registration via NADRA. Below are the steps that you must follow:

  1. Open the website of NADRA, and you may click here to open the site
  2. First, you will have to register yourself in the portal
  3. Then you can click the option of verification
  4. You will see the 4 options, and they include CRC, POC, CNIC and FRC
  5. You must select the relevant option; then you will have to pay Rs 100/- fee for online verification
  6. After paying, you will get all details and verification status too

Methods for Checking CNIC Number Manually:

You can also check the CNIC by a simple and easy manual method as well. Below is the method:

Method for Getting 1st digit or CNIC:

The first digit of the CNIC number represents the province. Below are the numbers specified for each province:

  • For KPK, it is 1
  • For FATA, it is 2
  • For Punjab, it is 3
  • For Sindh, it is 4
  • For Balochistan, it is 5
  • For Islamabad, it is 6
  • For Gilgit Baltistan, its 7

Method for Getting 2nd digit or CNIC:

The second digit represents the division. There is a specific digit for each division that Government allots.

Method for Getting 3rd digit or CNIC:

Then, the third digit will show the district to which the person belongs.

Method for Getting 4th digit or CNIC:

The fourth digit will represent the tehsil. If the tehsil and district are the same, there will be a digit “0”.

Method for Getting 5th digit or CNIC:

5th digit represents the union council.

Method for Getting the Next Seven Digits or CNIC:

The next 7 digits will show the family number. Each family is allotted a specific number. The family has the same middle code, and the same code also forms the family tree.

Method for getting the last digit of CNIC:

There is any number from 1 to 9 at last. Odd numbers are for males, while even numbers are allotted to females.

Processes Involved in Registering for NADRA:

Do you know that there are almost 4 cards in Pakistan? If you are born in the same area where the family is already registered, you will be registered in the same Union council. After the registration in the union council, NADRA registration takes place.

Processes Involved in Registering for NADRA

The registration certificate of the family contains all the details of a family like a number and names of total family members, date of birth, the address and other relevant information about the person.

Importance of CNIC issued by NADRA:

CNIC is issued to every person whose age is 18 plus and who has applied for CNIC in NADRA. Moreover, he/she must be a citizen of Pakistan. Below are the benefits that you can get through CNIC:

  1. Any Pakistani who has CNIC can cast the vote
  2. Those who want to create an account in any bank of Pakistan must have CNIC
  3. You can also apply for the Pakistani Passport if you have a CNIC
  4. Moreover, you can apply for a driving license too if you have CNIC
  5. Those who want to own a vehicle or any property on land must submit the CNIC verified by NADRA
  6. For getting SIM cards of the telecommunication companies, you must also have a CNIC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Methods for Checking CNIC:

Below are the FAQs that people ask for Methods for Checking CNIC:

Question1: What is the CNIC number?

Answer: CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) is a card having 13 unique numbers issued by the NADRA to identify Pakistani citizens.

Question2: What are the methods for checking CNIC and Bio Data Online?

Answer: There are different methods for checking CNIC issued by NADRA. You may check details by text messages or by the official website of NADRA.

Question3: How to check the family tree through CNIC?

Answer: Send CNIC number without dashes to 8008, and you will get the family tree in reply.

Question4: How many cards are there for verification?

Answer: There are 4 types of registration cards that every citizen of Pakistan has.

Question5: Can I get a passport or SIM if I do not have a CNIC?

Answer: No, you cannot get the passport or SIM if you have a CNIC.


Methods for checking CNIC in Pakistan are very simple and also very easy. We have explained each method above for verification of the CNIC by NADRA. You may also visit about how to check the Telenor number check code.

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