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No Objection Certificates (NOCs) are a necessary requirement to be acquired for any real estate project falling under CDA-administered areas. The NOCs are a testament that the project is completely legal, fulfilling all the pre-requisites.

These approvals are about ensuring the standards regarding infrastructure development, building criteria, and some others. Sky Marketing recommends that we don’t fall into the fancy advertisement and first inquire about the relevant NOCs from the project management. People are influenced and could invest in an illegal property project that could later prove to be a big financial loss.

Following are the list of NOCs required for project approvals under CDA-administered areas:

Ownership Documentation:

Several documents are required to prove ownership as follows:

  • Allotment Letter/Fard:

This is a kind of document that identifies the rightful owner of a property. It is mainly needed when a person intends to register land, house, or any kind of real estate property.

  • Aks Shajra/ Demarcation Documentation:

It is a kind of ground map that Patwari develops at the request of the landlord. This document identifies the demarcation and limits of the land bought or sold by the owners.

  • Authenticity Certificate:

The Tehsildar verifies the authenticity certificate or certificate of impeachment. This is a crucial document that shows proof of both parties selling and buying the property.

Planning Permit:

It is a kind of certification required to determine the required dimensions and nature. Once the concerned authority issues the planning permit, the owners may go to the next stages of property development.

Layout Plan Approval:

The approved layout plan is necessary for any kind of property development in Pakistan from the concerned authorities. This approval is about the building structure revealing the complete drawings of the whole project and what sort of development. In Islamabad, it could be acquired from the architecture Directorate of CDA.

Approval of Layout Plan by the Design Vetting Committee:

Design Vetting Committee (DVC) is a kind of Committee vetted with authority to investigate the structured plan or building designs and highlight the technical issues that need to be revised or improved.

Building Plan Approval Certificate:

The building plan approval consists of the structured approval for the building development. The approval certificate could be acquired from the Structure Directorate.

Third-Party Vetting Documents:

Third-party vetting is also necessary documentation that has some requirements as follows:

  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Documents:

    It is referred to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing matters of the property designs and structures.

  • Structural Design Vetting Documents:

    The structural design vetting documents are necessary that show compliance with the property development rules and regulations.

  • Firefighting Documents:

    Firefighting measures and equipment assure the safety of the people working or living in the project. This is why fire security certificates are necessary to be approved by the authority.

Accessing Route Approval:

The projects close to the main transportation routes must obtain the NOC from the concerned authorities that fall under the CDA.

National Highway Authority Approval:

The National Highway Authority (NHA) approval is required for any building or other property construction project on GT Road and adjacent land areas. You would have to visit the NHA office to obtain this certificate.

Height Clearance Certificate:

A height clearance certificate is also necessary to make the property an obstacle-free zone if it is located around the airport. It was acquired from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Utility Connection Approval Certificates:

Following are necessary to provide the basic utilities to the inhabitants of the project:

  • Approval Islamabad Electric Provider Company (IESCO)
  • Approval from the concerned water supply company in Islamabad
  • Approval from Sui Gas Pipeline Authority such as Sui Northern Gasoline Pipeline (SNGPL)

NOC Approval from Environmental Protection Agency (PAK-EPA):

This is considered as one of the most significant NOCs for property construction in order to check that the proposed project is not a hazard to the environment. It is obtained from the Pakistan Atmosphere Safety Company (PAK-EPA).

Building Finishing Certification:

The building completion certificate is necessary to be approved by CDA.


The requirement to obtain the NOCs for projects approvals from CDA is necessary to mark any project as a legal property project. The legal and approved projects have higher chances of completion and sales. The duly approved building is also more successful and a golden investment opportunity than other ones.

For further information about NOC-approved projects, nphp recommends you read Park Avenue Lahore and Bin Ahsan Green City.

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