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Since the beginning, QICT (DP World) has tried to provide accurate information as quickly and efficiently as possible. To check the status of your shipment, QICT (DP world) provided an online tracking tool. The CompanyCompany will do everything possible to meet all of its customers’ expectations. The CompanyCompany is happy to announce that it has launched the Line Facilitation system (LFS), which offers all the necessary facilities for booking cargo via this system. As a result, the company has managed successful supply chains for hundreds of businesses over the years. For people with complex logistical requirements, the CompanyCompany has provided effective logistics solutions.


Services Providing

QICT Containerized services

DP World provides all types of containers for its customers. Containers can easily transport and store perishable or oversized commodities. The CompanyCompany offers maximum storage space and supplies the containers to customers when they are needed.

Perishable commodities

The CompanyCompany offers refrigerated containers for customers who need to move sensitive or perishable commodities between places. Perishable cargoes such as medicine and food items can be easily transported by DP World, which takes care of all aspects of transportation.

Open-top containers

This CompanyCompany offers open-top containers to transport oversized cargo. In addition, the company can provide open-top containers for transportation of vehicles and machinery, especially when it is necessary. These containers can easily hold large items with no problem.

QICT Supply Chain security

It is the first maritime terminal worldwide to be certified as the custom trade partnership against terrorists. In addition, it has special security measures to protect its terminals.

Unique logistics facility

The Company’sCompany’s logistics business enables the fastest production and shifting cargoes around the globe. In addition, it connects places through its network of terminals and ports with innovative technology.

QICT Parks and economic zone

The DP world offers parks and economic zones that provide international shipping services. Customers can use these spaces to grow their businesses.

Ports and terminals

DP World focuses on helping its customers to manage their cargo movement. They could get assistance from the point of production to point sale. In addition, it allows customers to consolidate their businesses.

How To track QICT containers

Customers with QICT container tracking can track the shipment status via track and trace.

Enter QICT Tracking Number

Put the Tracking number in The Box and Click on Track Button.

You will get the exact position of your container in transit.

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Address: Port Muhammad Bin Qasim PO Box 6425 Karachi – 75020, Pakistan

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