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Just a bird’s eye view, rather from a bus’s eye view of enchanting, endlessly spreading rural Pakistan, picturesque Pakistan, from horizon to horizon. Pakistan, land of 881,913 square kilometre, is a land of picturesque contrast, from highest mountain ranges at the north-most region through arable greener planes of Punjab and Sindh to stony, rocky big Balochistan, to blue murmuring Arabian Sea splashing against the shores in the north. Rural Pakistan spreads to un-seeable ends unhindered and unfettered, at least visually.

These vast lands are, unfortunately stated to be owned by a few powerful families, who earn from here at the cost of gharib awam (poor people), and live in filthily opulently in big cities of the country and as well as mostly in the foreign lands.

These endlessly sprawling to the horizons lands, and the people living in around these mostly pregnant (fertile) lands are waiting to get unhindered benefits and happiness from these lands, trembled under the nibble feet.

The present government is seemingly paying full attentions to these innocent desires of the innocent people of these lands.

PM Imran Khan is very particular that, these lands must be kept intact providing food security to the nation of today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. He also asks for providing housing for all the poor all over the country, more preferably to the rural areas on priority basis, but no arable land must be
mis-utilized to keep food security uninterrupted for present and for future! Imran Khan’s able  lieutenant, housing task force chairman Mr. Zaigham Rizvi, has told us that, this  government is giving priority to provide and improve rural housing for the first time in Pakistan’s history. The Government is working to improve living standard of the rural life, he informed us. He is working relentlessly to establish model and smart villages in smaller span and greater numbers around these arable land masses, to make people happier with efficient communication facilities but maintaining simplicity of rural life, and to migration to cities. University faculties and engineering/ architect/ construction expert students are very enthusiastically working on this line.

 Post script:
Photographs taken from running bus ride from Rawalpindi to Karachi. So, quality of the photographs may be a little bit compromised. Explanations, and narrations of the locations  photographed are also missing. Much greener Pakistan of food basket Punjab and fruit orchids of Central Punjab and Sindh could not also obviously be covered during this bus ride. Hopefully, these areas would be covered in next blogs.

[Syed Sayef Hussain]

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