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Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) is a regulatory and supervisory body whose main function is to ensure that NOC and Building plans are being approved or in conformation with existing building and town planning regulations. In this blog, we will let you know about the SBCA Illegal Properties list 2021.

So, if you want to invest in the right project at the right time and be aware of fraud, then this blog will help you know about illegal properties in Sindh. Out of 200 Cooperative Housing Societies (CHS), 67 Cooperative Housing Societies (CHS) have been declared illegal by SBCA in the recently updated SBCA Illegal Properties List 2021.

SBCA Illegal Properties List 2021:

If you want to buy a perfect property in Sindh, you must be aware of illegal properties and scams. SBCA NOC verification of 67 Karachi projects has not been approved yet. All you need to do is ensure whether the housing society is authentic or not. Illegal housing societies in Sindh from SBCA Illegal Properties List 2021 are shown below:

  1. Rub Razi CHS
  2. Allahabad CHS
  3. Al-Ahmed CHS
  4. Pearl Villas CHS
  5. Rafi Pride-II CHS
  6. CP and Berar CHS
  7. Humair Town CHS
  8. Burhani Town CHS
  9. Bhopal Homes CHS
  10. Bagh-e-Yousuf CHS
  11. Gulshan-e-Bilal CHS
  12. Marina Garden CHS
  13. PIA Employees CHS
  14. Burhani Garden CHS
  15. APP Employees CHS
  16. Gulshan-e-Jiwan CHS
  17. Gulistan-e-Zarrin CHS
  18. Safari Associates CHS
  19. Gulshan-e-Shiraz CHS
  20. Barlas Moon City CHS
  21. Gulshan-e-Surjani CHS
  22. Al-Ghaffar Nagori CHS
  23. Gulshan-e-Taufeeq CHS
  24. PS City Phase I&II CHS
  25. Saima Green Valley CHS
  26. Firdous CHS Ltd. Karachi
  27. Kaghan CHS Ltd. Karachi
  28. KN Gohar Green City CHS
  29. Andalleb CHS Ltd. Karachi
  30. Al-Habib CHS Ltd. Karachi
  31. Atiba CHS (Bostan Heights)
  32. The South Construction CHS
  33. Mnasmr (Heaven Pride) CHS
  34. Khayaban-e-Muhammad CHS
  35. Post Office Workers CHS Ltd.
  36. Quetta Town CHS Ltd. Karachi
  37. Azimahabad CHS Ltd. Karachi
  38. Merry Land (Garden City) CHS
  39. KDA officers CHS Ltd. Karachi
  40. Javedan (Naya Nazimabad) CHS
  41. Sindh Momin CHS Ltd. Karachi
  42. Kokan Muslim CHS Ltd. Karachi
  43. Al Madina CHS, Al Manzar CHS
  44. Jamiyat Punjabi Suadagaran CHS
  45. Ex-Serviceman CHS Ltd. Karachi
  46. Pakistan Council of Scientific CHS
  47. Gulshan-e-Quddus (Al Azim) CHS
  48. HAD Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
  49. National Cement CHS Ltd. Karachi
  50. Allama Usmania CHS Ltd. Karachi
  51. PIDC Employees Multipurpose CHS
  52. Karim Town (Gulshan-e-Ellahi) CHS
  53. Quershi Cooperative Housing Society
  54. Chapal Luxury Villas-I, II, and III CHS
  55. P.C.S.I.R Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
  56. Evacuee Trust Property Employees CHS
  57. Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation CHS
  58. Pakistan Steel (Gulshan-e-Hadeed) CHS
  59. Al-Rizwan Cooperative Housing Society
  60. Ahsanabad Cooperative Housing Society
  61. Income Tax Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
  62. Civil Aviation Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi
  63. Karachi Chapal Cooperative Housing Society
  64. Ablagh-e-Aama Cooperative Housing Society
  65. AGS Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  66. Al-Falah Cooperative Housing Society (Malir Halt)
  67. Architect and Engineering Employees CHS Ltd. Karachi


SBCA Illegal Properties List 2021 has been mentioned above, which plays a significant role for every investor to invest money in the right place. If you want to buy any property in Karachi, SBCA notification 2021 will help you avoid scams and inconvenience. For further details, visit NPHP. It is a highly recommended trustworthy housing society. If you want to know more about such housing societies, please read about Whispering Pines Islamabad and Shangrila City Karachi.

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