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The Pakistan Telecommunication Telecom (PTA) was an Act established in 1996. The PTA is the supervisor of Pakistan telecommunication companies. It was established to regulate the operational services and maintenance of telecommunication systems.

It also provides telecom services to the networks nationwide. The PTA has a standard, modified system to regulate various networking queries by using an individual’s CNIC number and sending on the short code 668. People may be concerned about the Sim Information System of PTA. This blog will help you understand the basic structure of the sim information system of PTA.

How to Check Online Sim Information System

PTA SIM Information System:

The PTA SIM Information system was created in 2009. The initiative was implemented to keep a complete procession of escalating SIM users nationwide. The sim information system allows common people and their mobile carriers to search their CNIC for the number of active SIMs.

If you do not know how your identification card is monitored for the number of registered SIMs. There are various queries you resolve just by using your CNIC number.

668 SIM Information Check:

The PTA sim information check system helps a person perceive the exact number of SIMs registered on their CNIC. The PTA has generated a very easy and simple to make a generic approach towards networking users.

SIM Information Check

Method to Check Information by PTA:

The method to check your sim information query is relatively easy. The person seeking simple information would text their ID card number to 668.

The process proceeds in the following manner:

  • Go to the text message window of your mobile phone
  • Type your CNIC without any manual errors
  • Send the text to 668 shortcode
  • You’ll receive a text message with the number of active SIMs against your CNIC, along with their operator names

Standard chargers of Rs.2+tax will be charged to complete the query.


The authentication of Sim cards is a primary and moral duty for a responsible citizen. The accurate information about your sim decreases the networking errors such as duplication, cyber-crimes. This particular blog will help you understand the importance and authenticity of the PTA Sim information system. For further helpful information and details like this, please visit our NPHP website.

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