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The possession of a sim card is mandatory to live in modern civilization. Having a Sim card comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is very important to know that many sim cards are registered on your CNIC card.

Various mobile networks have made it very easy for their connection users. Still, people may often ask how to check sim owner’s details online. This blog will point toward some of the methods to check your owner’s sim detail online with various popular networks.

Warid Sim Card Owner’s Details Online:

Warid telecom has kept an easy and uncomplicated process to check numbers owner’s details. The individual could retrieve information by sending “MNP” in a message to 667. The network would provide the sim owner’s name and CNIC number.

Standard charges will be applied to achieve this query. You can also ask for the Warid Number registered address and location of Warid number and Warid sim card by calling on the helpline at “321”.

Telenor Sim Card Owner’s Details Online:

Telenor telecom is another one of Pakistan’s popular telecommunication companies. Telenor has a lenient and untroubled procedure for their sim owners. You can check the owner’s detail only if you own an active sim. The inactive sim may not be eligible for this application.

The standard method to check your sim owner’s detail is to send “MNP” to “667”. The telecommunication network will send the owner’s name and CNIC number. You can also check the Telenor sim owner, Telenor number registered address, and location of Telenor number by dialing the helpline “1700”.

Jazz Sim Card Owner’s Details Online:

Jazz telecom is a well-recognized telecommunication network of the nation. The telecommunication network has been providing untroubled networking to their customers. The individual with the sim card possession would be suitable for making this query.

The regular procedure to acquire your sim owner’s detail is by sending “MNP” in a text to “667”. You can also check the Jazz sim owner and Jazz number registered address by dialing the shortcode “3267”.

Ufone Sim Card Owner’s Details Online:

Ufone telecom is an eligible telecommunication network of Pakistan. The query for the sim owners’ details is very common. The untroubled way of requiring sim owner’s information is to send a generated “MNP” text to the code “667”.

You can also query for Ufone number registered owner, Ufone number address, and location by dialing the Ufone helpline on “333”.

Zong Sim Card Owners Details Online:

Zong telecommunication is another prevalent network in Pakistan. The telecommunication company offers unruffled networking facilities to their network users. The Zong owner’s details checking has a quick and easy process.

The individual with a certain query would send “MNP” text to code “667”.You can also ask for Zong registration owner, Zong Number address, and location by dialing the helpline on “310”.


Factual information about your sim card is very important to keep your privacy. If you own a sim card, make sure that it is on the actual CNIC number, and also remember to check how many sim cards are active on your CNIC number. The authenticity of the sim cards holder’s information is a moral duty that helps prevent several frauds and cybercrimes. This particular blog would probably help with the query of How to Check Sim Owner’s Details Online.

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