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Telenor is one of the best telecommunications companies in Pakistan with the most affordable packages. If you are wondering what is Telenor Balance save Code? Then this blog is worth reading. This offer is being used by many Telenor users to utilize Internet Services efficiently.

What is Telenor Balance save Code

There are many best services announced by Telenor. If you want the more reliable internet services, this one is the best Telecommunication Company. Another best thing about Telenor is that the signals are available in every corner of Pakistan.

How to Save Balance While Using Telenor SIM?

The Internet can be costly if you use it at standard rates. The best thing is that Telenor has announced a code for letting you know that you are using the Internet at standard rates. To activate the code, you have to dial the number only.

How to Save Balance While Using Telenor SIM

Process for Telenor Balance save Code:

It is a simple process where you have to dial *7799# simply. There are many users who use Internet services, and when the package is over, the balance starts deducting. But this service will let them know that they are using the Internet at standard rates.

The best part of this package is that no activation fee is required.

Below are the simple steps that you need to follow:

  1. First, enter the code *7799#
  2. Then you will follow the instructions on the screen
  3. After that, you must confirm that you have subscribed
  4. “Balance Lock Service” is now subscribed

    Note: If the Method described above will not work, you can follow the method mentioned below

Telenor Balance Shock Bundle:

You can save the balance by Telenor balance shocking bundle. If your primary bundle expires, you will be switched towards it. The best points about the Telenor balance shocking bundle are:

  1. You will get data of 300 MB
  2. The validity will be of 30 days
  3. The cost of the package is five rupees
  4. Activation Code for Balance shocking bundle is *503#

Telenor Balance Shock Bundle

The Mobile Settings for Telenor Balance Save Code:

If you use this method, you will have to block some apps and the browsers that deduce your balance. Sometimes, the apps are still running in the background. For this purpose, you will have to follow a method that can help lock your balance. Below is the method for locking SIM balance when your mobile is switched to a mobile data network:

  1. Open the settings
  2. Then choose the option of “Network settings”
  3. Tap on “Mobile Data”
  4. You will see a list
  5. There will be a list of all apps that uses the data
  6. Check apps using mobile data

The Mobile Settings for Telenor Balance Save Code

  1. Uncheck applications that you do not want to use on mobile data
  2. The balance is saved

Through this trick, the SIM does not charge a single paisa, and your balance will be saved

Telenor PayG Blocker Package Plan:

The PayG blocker package is the best package to subscribe to for saving the balance. For saving the balance, you will have to activate Telenor PayG Blocker. Below are the steps that you must follow:

  1. Dial 345 by phone dialer
  2. Then dial 1 for confirmation
  3. You will receive the confirmation method

Terms and Conditions for Balance Save Code for Telenor:

There are several terms and conditions that Telenor have set, below are these:

  1. The Government taxes will be applied on balance save offer
  2. Telenor can change the codes and taxes anytime
  3. This offer is valid for prepaid customers
  4. Make sure that your SIM is biometric verified

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Telenor Balance Save Code:

Below are the FAQs for Telenor Balance Save Code:

Question 1: What is Telenor Balance Save Code?

Answer: The balance save code for Telenor is *7799#.

Question 2: How will I know if I am out of data?

Answer: You will get a SIM service message that will inform you that you are using the data on standard rates.

Question 3: Why is Telenor deducting my balance whenever I switch on data?

Answer: It means that you have not subscribed to the Internet offer, so you must subscribe to an offer before switching on the data.

Question 4: How can I check my Telenor subscribed package?

Answer: You will have to dial *123#. It is a free-of-charge service that will tell the current status of the activated package.

Question 5: How to find Telenor Balance?

Answer: You can find Telenor Balance by dialling *444#.


If you want the best packages at the most affordable rates, Telenor is undoubtedly the best telecommunications company. The best feature about Telenor is that you will get notified using the Internet at standard rates.

We hope you have found the solution to the Telenor balance save code? Now, use the Internet without any fear of getting your balance lost. You may also know how to check the Telenor number code through the NPHP website. And if you have a Ufone sim, you can also know how to check the Ufone number check code.

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