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Telenor Quiz Answers or Telenor App Quiz would make you win free MBs through Telenor Application. All you have to do is win the question-answer session making you a winner of free MBs.

Telenor Quiz Answers:

This Quiz is for the loyal customers of Telenor. It is important to enhance your knowledge that Telenor has just unveiled a brand new exciting service for the sake of its customers.

This service is a testament to the mutual relationship of trust and transparency. This is also a reason for its popularity from which people the Telenor customers can avail free MBs by just answering the simple most questions. The Telenor app and packages are user-friendly because Telenor takes care of its customers just like a family member.

The Telenor app has brought the best convenience for its users offering unique services and facilities. The app is upper simple to install use and in case of any issue, call the helpline, and within minutes the matter would be resolved. There is no single issue regarding the Telenor services that could not be resolved by contacting the helpline. For a more highly informative piece of writings, you must visit NPHP. Telenor, today question answers will definitely win you the free data.

Test Your Skills Telenor Quiz Answers:

If you are wondering where to get the participation in My Telenor App Quiz Answers? Then you would have to open the Telenor App and give a test to your skills with full potential gauging capabilities.

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By clicking the above-shown option of “Test Your Skills & Win Free MBs Daily,” you are taken to the question-answer section enabling you to win free internet MBs that could be utilized within 24 hours. Get free data by testing your skills Quiz.

Following is the step-wise guidance to win the daily-based free internet MBs from My Telenor App.

 Click & open My Telenor App
 Click on the Test Your Skills & Win Free MBs Daily
 Here you will be able to see five questions
 Just answer these most straightforward questions correctly
 At the end of this successful session of question-answer, you will win 100/50 free internet MBs

The answers are also updated daily by the Telenor on the Telenor App. So, keep visiting the Telenor app and Telenor Website twice a day to remain updated about the recent questions and answers. These questions will win you the free internet MBs and also improve your general knowledge.

The questions are specifically designed to make the Quiz informative and straightforward. The company crafts the customer-centric policies such as Telenor quiz today and that you could get from Telenor app play and win today answers.

For every question, there are given four options to choose an answer and mark the correct option. Telenor today question answers are easy and could be solved by any layman. Following are the Telenor answers today about Telenor App Quiz:

1.How many runs can a batsman make from running?


Answer: c)  Infinite

2.Who holds the record of being the youngest to play international cricket?

a)Chris Gayle
d)Hassan Raza

Answer: d)  Hassan Raza

3.Shaheen Afridi bowled his first-ever maiden over against which team?

a)West Indies
b)South Africa
c)New Zealand

Answer: c)  New Zealand

4.How many times has Shaheen Afridi taken four consecutive wickets?


Answer: b)  03

5.Shoaib Akhtar made his test debut in which year?


Answer: c)  1997

Test your skills Quiz Requirements:

Following are the requirements needed to test your skills:

 The person must have the Telenor App installed on the concerned device
 You must have the required balance in your Sim to participate in the Telenor Quiz and run the app
 You should mark the correct answers for which you must be aware of the correct answers
 You must also have the running data connection to take part in the Telenor Quiz

Pre-Requisites for Telenor Quiz:

Following are the terms and conditions for Telenor Quiz today to test your skills:

 You must all the questions in the correct manner
 You could only participate in the Telenor Quiz once a day
 Your Sim must carry an adequate balance to run the app and Quiz
 If you somehow exited the Quiz, then you cannot take the Quiz again and would have to play the next day
 Once you choose an answer, you cannot remark again
 So, select the answers very carefully

Other Ways to Acquire free internet MBs:

There are several other methods of getting free MBs through the Telenor App, and the following are a few:

 By claiming the daily “Free Data” option in the Telenor App. Just click the daily reward option
 You could also get the MBs by recharging bonus. You just have to click the text “Bonus” to claim the recharge bonus

Advantages of Telenor App:

Telenor customers have the golden opportunity to get endless benefits from Telenor App as follows:

 The app could keep you updated on internet Data, minutes, and SMS
 You could conveniently update avail the Telenor Packages
 You are also enabled to buy a Netflix account
 Check your balance and also pay the bills hassle-free


Telenor Quiz Answers Telenor App Quiz is beneficial for the customers to win free data. It is important to mention that these answers are 100% correct, and you could test your skills answers easily.

Telenor app Quiz is the easiest way of winning the free internet MBs. You could win 50 MB or 100MB, which means that you could easily win at least 1500 MB per month and get the chance to enter Telenor Lucky Draw. For more information, feel free to visit NPHP.


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